How much space is required Flutter Desktop Snapcraft Build

A while ago, I tried to make a snap for my sqlfite flutter project. There were endless downloads and 30gb later, my system was at 0mb and I had a friend teamsource my computer and save me.

Is it still like this? Do we still need to really make a fresh ubuntu virtual machine? Exactly… how much is needed? I have approx 15gb left on my ubuntu partition and no gb to spare (dual boot with ubuntu as main driver)… I would not want to use more than 10gb during the trip to the wifi If I remember correctly, it makes a new drive and re-downloads EVERYTHING.

My git does not include the db and the db also needs a script file to break it up into 50mb parts

I also need to delete this extreme overhead as soon as it is built. Please instruct.

In short, the git is here: (cannot post link) see github /bksubhuti/tipitaka-pali-reader

I built an ms windows msix with a simple command line and no big hassle. I also built a electron-builder snap before with no problem (Tipitaka Pali Projector).

I’m asking before I do this because last time, snapcraft destroyed my system.

Looks like you will need a little more than 12gb of space if you use multipass. This does not include snapd or snapcraft installs.

The download looked to by around 4.5 gb but later said 8.9 but maybe that was communication with multipass that caused the jump so quickly.

I have failed to build my project located at my github (cannot give links or you block me.) /bksubhuti/tipitaka-pali-reader After all of the downloading from Myanmar Internet speeds and wasting my diskspace, the actual flutter command created by “snapcraft” command fails. flutter build linux --release -v -t lib/main.dart' for 'tipikata-pali-reader

The error is this: Target file "lib/main.dart for tipikata-pali-reader" not found.

I have released to Mac Windows iOS Android. I know how to build. I’ve never seen a command like the above one. Not sure what is going on. Normally I would build without targets: flutter build linux --release

The snap yaml is there as well as the project. It fails to find the target based on default arguments that snapcraft uses.

If you are wondering why AppImage is winning, this is the reason. No support, no answers, no success. (this is the opposite of what has made flutter #1 in 3 years) This could be the Windows Mac killer because software is one main reason people don’t use linux. I’m ready to give up.