How many users did download particular snap?

looking at each of individual snap from there are graphs like bellow. Is there a way to get some real numbers behind this graph? From the graph it is not clear if 10 users or 10 million users downloaded snap package. It would be nice to have some download statistics similar to Google Play Store for Android phones.

Before installing individual snap I would like to know how many users have downloaded snap package, so I know if it is popular or not. Low download rate may indicate program is not widely used or too many bugs in software to use snap and there may be better way to install software like deb package, flatpack, appimage etc.

Those graphs aren’t intended to indicate how many installations of a snap there are. It’s more to show a rough indication of the diversity of distributions the application is installed on. This enables users of distributions to have an idea if the application works there or not.

The publisher of a snap has access to a metrics dashboard where they get aggregated numbers of weekly active devices. It’s up to the publisher whether they choose to publish those stats though. We don’t publish them as they may be commercially sensitive.