How long does snapcrafters take to update to a new released version

I know the packaging needs strict tests for apps do work perfectly but, I would like to know how long it takes after an app is officially released on developer website for snapcrafters to release on store?

Are you asking in general or do you have a particular snap which the snapcrafters have packaged which is now out of date?

I’m asking in general, I know is hard to keep track of all apps to update has soon as it is released upstream and others softwares are even released weekly.

Well if we’re unaware of updated upstream then we’ll languish. The best way to ensure we keep on top of updates is to prompt us when you see we’re behind :slight_smile:

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We’re looking to automate this process a bit better. We’d rather that the apps didn’t get outdated, but it sometimes happens because at the moment a human needs to touch yaml’s. We’d like to have them automatically build on updates from upstream repos, but that needs a little work.


I will try to let you know of new updates. But how should that be done? I new post or Call for testing?


You can either post a new forum thread or file a github issue on the relevant repository at

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I think is better on github issues and it is done for simplenote. this is the issue. I will search for others and open more issues

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thank you :slight_smile: great to get your support!

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