How does a snap publisher become "verified"?

In Feature Request: Restrict Search To ‘Verified Developer’, @yaminb proposes a feature to restrict listing/installing snaps to those where the publisher is “verified”.

My question is, as a snap publisher, how do I become “verified”?

Does the fact that I publish my snaps via my Byte Pixie Limited company account help with that?

Are there documents that need signing in blood? :smile:

Do I need to sacrifice a rubber :chicken: as an offering to the almightly Snapd? :laughing:

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I just through some thoughts on there.

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Sir, as a GizmoChicken, I find your reference to sacrificing a :chicken: (rubber or otherwise), deeply offensive!

Just kidding. :slight_smile:

Actually, like you, I’m here to find whether additional guidance is available regarding how an account can be listed as a “verified” account.

Also, and not to hijack your thread, but I’m curious whether having a “verified” account will be required for obtaining a “publisher page” (like that KDE publisher page) as discussed in another thread.

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