How do I provide a user root privileges in Ubuntu Core 16

How do I provide a user root privileges in Ubuntu Core 16. All most all the important files are read only even if I login as a sudo user. I am unable to edit visodo file as well. I wanted to add more admin users to manage the Ubuntu Core 16

take a look into /etc/sudoers.d/ … also note that you need to use adduser with the --extrausers flag when adding a user so it writes to a writable user db …

note though that by design Ubuntu Core is not built as a multi user commandline system but rather as a base to build a product on top of it (appliances, a TV box, a router, a digital signage kiosk or point of sale system, whatever you imagine), not so much as a server to log in to with many users … (which indeed doesnt mean you can not do it for i.e. a development system, but it is not really the main purpose of Ubuntu Core … )

Hi Ogra,

I have already created user with --extrausers flag but looks like /etc/sudoers.d/ is in read only mode. I wanted to make another user as sudo user so that by chance if we forget the password, at least we have another user with root privilege to login

the user you created with the setup wizard on first boot should already have a file in /etc/sudoers.d (which is rw) that you can inspect and use in modified form for other users …