How do i move a registered snap to another account

I published a snap under the wrong account and I can’t seem to figure out how to move it to a different account without needing to delete everything and staring over…

Add the second account as a collaborator and accept the invite; then let us know in the forums that you’d like an admin to make the collaborator the primary owner and which snap it relates to. Once that’s done, you can either remove the original account as a collaborator or leave it so both accounts are able to upload/configure the snap.

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… specifically ask in the #store-requests category …

Thank you, I already added a new account as a collaborator.

I would like the new Admin/Owner of this snap to be NaoX

do i need to post the email address of the NaoX account?

hi, it still hasn’t been moved

thank you very much the issue has been resolved!


The inner-breeze snap has been successfully transferred to the NaoX account.



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Thank you very much Odysseus!