How do I have to use `command`?

I’m creating an art project, which consists of a pacman (the Arch Linux package manager) fork. I’d like to publish it with snap. My problem: I can’t figure out how I have to define command. How can I find out how to use the terminal command for my fork? You can find my code on GitHub.

    command: *???*

command: usually points to a relative path of a binary inside your snap …

i.e. if you’d have a wget snap that ships usr/bin/wget inside the snap your command entry would look like:

    command: usr/bin/wget
      - foo
      - bar
      - baz

I see, @ogra, but how can I determine the path (in this case /usr/bin)?

after locally building your snap take a look in the prime/ subdir … prime/ contains the exact setup your snap will later have on disk, all command entries should be relative to that dir (leave the first slash out)…

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