How do I give my program access to things like cURL, SASS, Grunt, Live Server/Reload?

I just added in @system and @systemout syntax to the template language for my website generator Nift. It allows people to run scripts and input/inject the output of scripts at whatever point they like when building webpages. Useful for things like inputting/injecting content from a url using curl, integrating with databases and scripting languages, etc. etc…

I have also added in support for running pre/post build/serve scripts which is useful for things like integrating with things like Grunt, SASS and Live Server/Reload for hot/live reloading.

Would having classic confinement for Nift allow it to do all of these things through a snap install? As currently people installing Nift through snap wont be able to take advantage of these extremely powerful and flexible features. It can’t even find curl for example.