How can I most easily rebuild the app?

Unfortunately, this app hard wires “/home” as the home directory. Over the years, I have been bitten very hard by installations deciding to clobber everything in “/home” because the install software knows I don’t need anything there anymore. Consequently, almost TWO DECADES ago, I put my /home data into a separate file system and then replaced /home with a symlink into that /hidden file system. I’ve been a happy camper ever since, until I needed to install this snapcraft thingy. It seems I will need to modify the source and force it to accept an installation parameter that wires /home to /hidden. Where are the sources and build requirements, please? Thank you!


I have gone to GitHub and cloned the project, btw. That got me to a long series of one-at-a-time dependency failures. I ended with a libudev failure. I have libudev, but it’s configure script says I don’t. So, obviously, the presence testing is misleading in its message. It must be I need libudev[01]-devel, but I can’t find it.


Good luck on changing /home support. It’s not easy. It’s most likely very hard.
Please join us on IRC in the #snappy channel if you want to chat about the details.

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note though that snapcraft is just a tool happening to be packaged as a snap, the /home restrictions come from snapd, not from snapcraft … so you rather want to clone


Looks like I pulled the right thing anyway. I guess I’ll switch over to to figure out how to build. Thank you.

Well, I tried to go there. It doesn’t allow me to post and refers me to a page with inscrutable instructions. I’ll keep trying while occasionally looking back here for any hints.