How are the branches in the GNOME-SDK snap repo built?

I’m interested in following an approach similar to whats being done in the GNOME-SDK build and content snap repo There are multiple branches with with different versions (3-38-2004, 42-2204) as well as SDK variants of those versions. I’m assuming these are built in Launchpad, but given that the Github integration only builds the default branch set on the repo, how is the GNOME-SDK repo working around this limitation?


The Github repo is mirrored to Launchpad.

Then there are Launchpad snap recipes that automatically build for the candidate channel when there are changes to the Github mirror.

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Thanks @jbicha this works perfectly. Did have to spend some time figuring out where some things lived in launchpad such as creating a new project and creating the snap recipes and git mirror under the project. Fingers crossed this functionality makes it into the snapcraft github build service someday soon for ease of use.