Home auto-connect for Mewa (was Classic confinement request for Mewa)

Hi, Mewa is a new video compositing application that needs access to large video files stored in the user’s file system.

Can you please approve ‘classic’ confinement for Mewa application, The latest snap release: https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/snaps/mewa/revisions/31/

Thanks, Hugo

please check

your application needs to fit into the “Supported” list to get classic confinement granted (note that “arbitrary file access” is explicitly in the “Unsupported” list …)

Allow me to correct this request: Can I have permission approved to have the “removable-media” and “personal-files” interfaces connected automatically?

On regular distros (aka classic systems), the home interface is automatically connected - only on Ubuntu Core does this require either manual connection or a store declaration for this to happen automatically when a snap is installed. Is mewa targeted to run on Ubuntu Core or just regular Linux distros?

Mewa targets all linux distros. To my understanding “classic confinement” is not required to have automatic access to /media and hidden folders in HOME dir. To do that, do I just need to make a “store declaration” (to automatically connect to “removable-media” and “personal-files” interfaces)?

well, Ubuntu Core is used to drive embedded systems, kiosks, industrial, robotics, automotive, digital signage, IoT, point of sale … do you expect mewa to be used in either of these ?

as alex said, the home interface itself is auto-connected on most distros that use a graphical desktop, you do not need to explicitly ask for it …

for hidden dirs under $HOME you will need to create one personal-files interface in your snapcraft.yaml for each hidden dir you want to access. auto-connection is granted if your snap is clearly affiliated with that dir … i.e. ~/.mewa or ~/.config/mewa … the name of the interface should be the path relative to the home dir with slashes replaced by dashes (taking the above example you’d create a dot-config-mewa personal-files plug entry in your snapcraft.yaml)

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Hey @goulart,

I see the latest revision is successfully published.

Are you still willing to request auto-connection for removable-media and personal-files as you originally requested?

I would like to have auto-connection for “removable-media” if possible.

It would avoid confusion in the user side and save users from manually calling “snap connect”.

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+1 from me for auto-connect removable-media to mewa since its expected that users might store their videos in such type of devices. Can other @reviewers please vote?

As per the Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks mewa is a media editor and so fits this exception for auto-connect of removable-media. As such +1 from me for auto-connect of removable-media for mewa.

The mewa snap is published under the mewatools account which would appear to be the upstream, however this would need to be vetted by the advocacy team before auto-connect is granted.

@Igor could you please perform publisher vetting? Thanks!

@goulart Hugo, can you share the official homepage for Mewa?

Mewa´s official website is www.mewatools.com

Mewa github : https://github.com/Mewatools

Please let me know if you need anything else

@Igor ping - just checking on the status of vetting for this request? Thanks.

Sorry I missed this completely. I’m on it now.

And … that was quick, +1 from me, I verified the publisher.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granted auto-connect of removable-media for mewa. This is now live.