Has anyone created a Julia snap?


Has anyone looked into creating a snap for Julia?
There are people creating a Debian package, but I feel because all of the various Julia binary dependencies, a Julia snap would be great. (I’m missing the time and the Linux packaging foundation to do this on my own).


This Julia?

Yes, exactly, the programming language: https://julialang.org/

I had a look at the D snap which might be a template for Julia - but I think it would be widely inefficient if I started to tinker with it.

Will Julia be included soon as one of the supported languages when creating a snap?

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Currently there is a “julia-stable” snap, but its not up-to-date (its 1.0.0 but 1.0.3/1.1.0 is available). I would be surprised if it is going to be a supported language anytime soon.

I’ve created a snap of recent version. The problem is that julia needs classic confinement, so the snap is not available in store yet until it is reviewed by a human and the request for classic confinement is approved.

In the meanwhile, you can use my snapcraft.yml to build it yourself. At least julia will show up in package manager.

There is Install julia on Linux | Snap Store as well. Would be cool to have a snap plugin as well :smirk:

The version https://snapcraft.io/julia has unfortunately only suport for long term stable release 1.0. The snap https://snapcraft.io/julia-mrcinv

contains the latest stable version (currently 1.5.0), when I remember to bum the version up.

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