Graphical interface in Ubuntu Core

I’ve been trying to get a browser to run for a kind of digital signage/kiosk system; however, I have failed after trying different things

Has anyone been able to do something similar?
Are there any tutorials for this?
My end goal is to be able to open a web page and display it full screen in a tv connected to the HDMI port of a raspberry pi using ubuntu Core

I installed mir-kiosk and mir-libs but there’s no browser for it.
I installed a chromium package but it assumes X is already running in the system, which is not the case in Core

A tutorial would be welcomed since I imagine this is a pretty popular setup

Thanks for any help

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I know of multiple people using Ubuntu Core for that purpose, but I don’t have a lot of details on the way they are setting it up.

Perhaps @ogra or @morphis can provide a hint on where to start.

@ogra has kindly been helping me with this.

Based on discussion with him it seems the current alternatives are:

  1. create a browser snap that can use the mir-kiosk/mir-lib snap
  2. take one of the existing browser snaps made for classic systems and modify it to embed its own XServer
  3. wait until this has been sorted out

None of those seem simple enough to do by someone without a lot of internal knowledge of snaps/snapd. At some point if this is not yet simplified and I have the time I will give it a try, but at this point I was just wondering if someone has already done it and could provide a recipe for this

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I know someone did a test demo snap ( using webapp-container which uses oxide and ubuntu-app-platform. These aren’t actively being developed any more, but these technologies (and webbrowser-app from the Ubuntu archive (also not actively developed)) can use mir. I don’t know how appropriate any of this is for your project…

Also note Startx as a regular user