Google Play Music Desktop Player

I’ve had a discussion with the Snapcrafter for Google Play Music Desktop Player. There’s a few bugs which are blocking a release out of the Edge channel, the sound indicator’s not working, the application indicator isn’t either, and the icon is broken too. Full quote below. Any ideas?

  • For the sound indicator, the problem is that the sound indicator won’t show anything it can’t find a .desktop file for. As a snap, we can’t install a desktop file anywhere it looks for; there’s no workaround we can do for this. (Users can copy the .desktop file into a path the sound indicator looks for, though)
  • For the application indicator, libappindicator needs to write the icon to a path that’s not mangled by the snap confinement; it currently goes into /tmp, but that’s actually a snap-local path that can’t be sent over dbus.

Oh, huh, turns out this Snapcrafter is in Rocket Chat and stuff, are these issues things which need to be resolved Snapcraft/snapd’s end? Is there anything WIP for this to be fixed?