Good news: my container images of snapcraft are fixed and working again (GitHub Actions and Gitlab CI work again!)

My container images for snapcraft are fixed, after having been broken for quite a long time due to changes in snapd that broke everything for me. I’ve come up with a workaround for that breakage that fixes them again. Two further issues are also fixed - arm64 builds running in binfmt/qemu emulation on x86_64 failing at the final step of snapcraft’s run where it uses snapd to create the squashfs filesystem; and issues with armhf builds failing with systemd refusing to start in qemu emulation due to missing sys call support in the qemu I specified for the GitHub Actions and gitlab ci workflows.


I need to figure out how to replace my deadname on the container image’s namespace (I changed my online nicknames as I changed my legal name, but docker hub won’t let me update my docker hub namespace :sob:)