Go snap getting stuck in review

Every day I built a tip golang snap for five architectures. Every day for the last week or so I get at least one email saying this:

Launchpad uploaded this snap package to the store, but the store failed to
scan it:

  Waiting for previous upload(s) to complete their review process. If you want to prioritize this last one, go to the other upload(s) page in https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/ and click on the 'Reject and remove from review queue' button.

As far as I can see, it’s a different architecture each day.

I don’t see a reject and remove from the review queue button anywhere. I guess this is some kind of race where multiple arches finish their builds at roughly the same time and one gets uploaded before the other finished processing, but (a) the review queue should be per-arch surely (b) this snap never seems to get reconsidered for review…

i saw this for the daily core snap builds over the weekend, but it seems to have stopped yesterday (which is why i refrained from reporting it …)

I got this yesterday, I was hoping that just clicking on rebuild would solve this problem but now I’ve hit the “same contents as revision X” problem :-/

it seems to be an in-store thing where the apprved snap doesnt get released (you end up with the thumbs up icon instead of the green cube) … releasing it from the store UI should help …

On IRC it looks like this was for ‘go-tip’. I looked in the store for the ‘go-tip’ snap and couldn’t find anything. Do you have a specific store URL for the store team?

Hello folks!

Apologies for this, it’s a known issue, first reported here:


And the bug report with more details here:

Ah yes, that’s exactly the problem, thanks for the pointer :slight_smile:

A fix for this was released: now, all uploads in the queue will get the “processing” API response until their turn comes, or until an upload ahead of us in the queue gets held for manual review (i.e. status undecided and no real ETA for the manual review; at this point it makes no sense to keep snapcraft/Launchpad waiting).

Let me know how it works for you!

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