Go plugin does not build source-tag go1.11.5


I got some problems compiling wasm with go because the go plugin does not seem to build the source-tag go.1.11.5


I would have created a issue on GitHub but it seems not be activated for the Snapcraft project :slight_smile:

BR Frank :slight_smile:

The snapcraft bug tracker is hosted on launchpad.net. (https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft)

It’s not clear what you’re trying to do, and why you’re building go from source. The go plugin usually pulls the go toolchain from the snap store in the latest/stable channel, which is currently version 1.11.5 of upstream go.

It might help if you could share your snapcraft.yaml or a link to your source code.

hey Daniel,

thank you for the response, the Snapcraft is public available at https://github.com/opunix/eve/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml … well I if do not define any source tag it seems to use go 1.6.x which is not acceptable if I use the source-tag go1.10 it works to build but does not the wasm because that’s a 1.11.x feature … so I try to use the source-tag which from my perspective makes sense :slight_smile: