Getting part details via snapcraft

With the rocketchat-server snap we are currently installing mongodb via a tarball. But now as we are trying to make it so we can automate amd64 & arm builds… We are running into the problem where we are now having to write a prepare script to go and fetch the appropriate tarball depending on the architecture.

I’ve heard of remote parts several times. But only recently used it via the go part. I found out there is a mongodb part. But now i’m left with the question. What versions are available of that part? What architectures does that part support?

Any way to find that information out with the snapcraft command?

I’ve done snapcraft search mongodb to find the part and then: snapcraft define mongodb but it just shows this:

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You can contact the maintainer of the part for details (@evan) , but by looking at the source entry it seems to be a binary build of 3.2.7

@sergiusens so with parts there isn’t some remote with a revision history? Its just a part definition that you can use?