Gadget snap One-Wire slot

Hi everyone,

Have anyone here used the One-Wire bus on Ubuntu Core?
Because I am not finding a slot for it, then I have to define “my” own one in my gadget’s snapcraft.yaml:
interface: system-files
- /sys/bus/w1/devices”

What is the possibility of adding a “onewire” slot for the One-Wire subsystem?
I guess that this might take a while, or?


it goes definitely faster if you submit a PR :wink: and the snapd team only needs to review your code … i’d simply copy i2c.go or iio.go (and their equivalent _test.go) in the interfaces/builtin subdir of snapd and rename it … then edit the files to point to the correct interface and device names … creating an interface is easier than most people think :wink: