Flutter, Android Studio, Java Development

I have built a few flutter apps for android and tested on Ubuntu. However, one time I tried to deploy to the store and it was a nightmare. It kept installing java and eating up my entire disk and data allowance too.

Is there a way to build a snap in easier ways without all of this overhead?
Why do I need multipass?

My android studio is installed by commandline download Flutter is a manual non-snap install. My java is installed by android-studio I only have 10-15 gb to spare for this project, but why not far less.

It was a terrible experience.

If I want to build a jsnode electron-builder app, I just build it and then use snapcraft to upload it. it is very simple. I’m looking for something like that too. (I can also build a deb if I want as well in electron-builder).

I’m looking into code magic instead?
I’m going to rebuild my dev environment, is there a problem with non-snap installs. My disk space is quite limited.