Firefox: Please create the track "esr"


Try this one: which would actually be a nice place if you need to describe your use case :slight_smile:

You can close the channel. Example:

snapcraft release firefox 87 esr/stable

all looks OK, then:

snapcraft close esr/stable

the channel esr/stable gets closed and the snap becomes unavailable from there.

The esr syntax alone should work, I tested with a track I have and esr in this context should be equivalent to esr/stable.


Looks like I’m missing some permissions:

$ snapcraft close esr/stable 
Locale not set! Snapcraft will temporarily use C.UTF-8
Your account lacks permission to close channels for this snap. Make sure the logged in account has upload permissions on 'esr/stable' in series '16'.

I’m using my personal account, which was able to upload the snap earlier today.


Hi Johan,

Sorry! My bad!

I told you (and you did):

snapcraft close esr/stable

but it should be:

snapcraft close firefox esr/stable

(otherwise how does snapcraft know which snap to close a channel for? :slight_smile:

I apologize since what you did was follow my (bad) instructions to the letter.


  • Daniel


Thanks for the clarification. I should have read snapcraft close --help better too. Speaking of which, snapcraft close should technically require 2 positional arguments. It didn’t enforce it based on the error message in comment 21. I filed a bug to make the error message clearer:


Thanks. FYI I marked that as a dupe of