Firefox issue with update (bug report)

I have installed snap version of Firefox from “Ubuntu Software”.
In Firefox I see “issue with automatic update”.
If I open Ubuntu Software, I see “all software is actuall”.

My current Firefox version is 60.0

60.0 update to version 60.0.1 is no possible

$ snap info firefox
  stable:        60.0-2      (85) 206MB -
  candidate:     60.0.1-2    (89) 206MB -
  beta:          61.0b11-1   (96) 202MB -
  edge:          ↑                      
  esr/stable:    60.0.1esr-1 (90) 206MB -
  esr/candidate: 60.0.1esr-1 (90) 206MB -
  esr/beta:      ↑                      
  esr/edge:      ↑   

60.0.1 is in the candidate chanel, so if you can not wait until mozilla has run all their QA on it and moves it to the stable channel, you can do.

sudo snap refresh firefox --candidate

that will give you 60.0.1 (note that you might want to refresh back to --stable later when it moved to the stable channel unless you want to track pre-releases permanently).

Thank you very much for answer.
I am not very understand, but I copied commands to Terminal.

I send print-screen. Up on right site you can see that download of update was unsuccessfully. And you can see button for manual download and install of Firefox

I am not very understand, but now is my Firefox version 60.0.2 and it is stable version I think Unstable version is 61 About actual and beta versions more informations here

I made today update of all applications and Ubuntu components.

Now is all OK. Thank you developers :slight_smile: 371Z

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