Firefox and Ubuntu Software does not launch

Testing out Ubuntu 22.04 (I know it is not released yet) but I noticed that both Firefox and Ubuntu Software do NOT launch. I am thinking this might be due to the fact that they both still use the old hybrid version of Yaru theme (light windows with dark windows header color). That theme was dropped in 21.10 (I believe) and guessing with 22.04 there are no references to it so they both are failing to launch. When running firefox via GNOME Terminal I get this message:

Error: cannot open display: :0

Perhaps it’s the same problem as

Yes, that’s most likely the bug Maciej mentioned: you’re trying to launch these applications in an X11 session after logging out from a Wayland session.

So I logged off switched to xorg, logged back in and logged back out. Before logging back in I switched back to wayland and now both work. Thanks for the tip, now back to more testing.