Filezilla can't access certain binaries with strict confinement

Hello everyone,

Currently, Filezilla Snap has broken my most used use-case, view-and-edit remote files with my preferred editor. My understanding from Read-only access to binaries within app and Classic confinement request: draftman. There is some type of functionality current in the works but the author of the program would have to implement it to support it. Since Filezilla Snap program is an unofficial build, that will likely never happen. So my only options are to install Filezilla in --dev-mode or --classic amiright?

EDIT: Looks like neither help, the former appear to do nothing and the latter was ignored for strictly confined app.


Making use of xdg-desktop-portal is probably the best option here. This offers a way for a confined application to open a file using the associated application. If the application is using the glib API for launching file association applications, then it might be as simple as setting GTK_USE_PORTALS=1. If it isn’t using that API, then it will probably require some code changes on the Filezilla side.

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