Feenics-universal snap no longer able to access network

As of the today this published snap worked as expected, making network calls without issue. As of last nights build and publish, the following error appears when run from a command line:

[ERROR:flutter/runtime/dart_vm_initializer.cc(41)] Unhandled Exception: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: An AppArmor policy prevents this sender from sending this message to this recipient; type=“method_call”, sender=":1.418" (uid=1001 pid=303364 comm="/snap/feenics-universal/15/bin/uc " label=“snap.feenics-universal.feenics-universal (enforce)”) interface=“org.freedesktop.DBus.ObjectManager” member=“GetManagedObjects” error name="(unset)" requested_reply=“0” destination=“org.freedesktop.NetworkManager” (uid=0 pid=1401 comm="/usr/sbin/NetworkManager --no-daemon " label=“unconfined”) #0 DBusClient._callMethod (package:dbus/src/dbus_client.dart:1124)

Have added network-manager to the plugs stanza in the snapcraft.yaml, but that did not help. This is the current snapcraft.yaml

name: feenics-universal
version: 22.8.0
summary: Feenics Universal Client for Linux
description: Feenics Universal Client for Linux

confinement: strict
base: core18

grade: stable

  dbus-feenics-universal: # adjust accordingly to your app name
    interface: dbus
    bus: session
    name: com.feenics.universal # adjust accordingly to your app name and
    command: uc
    extensions: [flutter-stable] # Where "stable" defines which Flutter channel to use for the build
    - network
    - network-manager
      - dbus-feenics-universal
    source: .
    plugin: flutter
    flutter-target: lib/main.dart # The main entry-point file of the application

  - build-on: arm64
    run-on: arm64
  - build-on: amd64
    run-on: amd64

Is the required dbus interface connected?

Default after install:

$ snap connections feenics-universal
Interface                 Plug                               Slot                                      Notes
content[gnome-3-28-1804]  feenics-universal:gnome-3-28-1804  gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804           -
content[gtk-3-themes]     feenics-universal:gtk-3-themes     gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes            -
content[icon-themes]      feenics-universal:icon-themes      gtk-common-themes:icon-themes             -
content[sound-themes]     feenics-universal:sound-themes     gtk-common-themes:sound-themes            -
dbus                      -                                  feenics-universal:dbus-feenics-universal  -
desktop                   feenics-universal:desktop          :desktop                                  -
desktop-legacy            feenics-universal:desktop-legacy   :desktop-legacy                           -
gsettings                 feenics-universal:gsettings        :gsettings                                -
network                   feenics-universal:network          :network                                  -
network-manager           feenics-universal:network-manager  -                                         -
opengl                    feenics-universal:opengl           :opengl                                   -
wayland                   feenics-universal:wayland          :wayland                                  -
x11                       feenics-universal:x11              :x11                                      -