Feature Request: Restrict Search To 'Verified Developer'

People distrust random SNAPs from unknown sources.
People can try to rely on ‘verified developer’ or ‘green checkmark’ to think the snap is somewhat credible.

There should be a way to restrict searches/installs to ‘verified developer’.
In my case, I’d prefer to have a global snap setting that restricts searches/installs to ‘verified developer’ This should prevent me from accidentally installing a SNAP as sometimes happens if using the SNAP store or command line.

Example: snap.force_verified_developer = TRUE
This would restrict search/installs to cases where the developer is verified (green checkmark)

You could possibly override this per search/install with a command line argument
snap search --ignore_verified ‘my search term’
snap install --ignore_verified ‘my application’

This can be fleshed out more, but hopefully the general idea is understood.

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