Feature request: Permission grant for specify folders

I installed a program to edit images and I have all my resources under a non standard location on the directory structure. The “snapped” app have access to my home folder as I can just grant acces for it. But I have symlinks on my home folder that the application cannot see because the real location of the folder that points to is outside of my home folder.

It will be great if I can just grant access to specific folders instead of only home user folder. It can consist of a list of folders so I can give access to more than one.

Which app?

Eventually apps will hopefully move to using the desktop portal, which will alleviate issues like this. Until then there are two ways you can work towards fixing the issue:

First, you could ensure your symlinks point to locations that are permitted via the home or removable-media interfaces. Alternatively you could replace your symlinks with bind mounts which won’t fall foul of the confinement rules.

Hi Daniel, thank you for your reply. The App is Pixelorama.
But the problem is that I have more than one symlink and I have three disks and I have different mount points. I use some disks and partitions as backup too.
As you can see, making a bind mount for each case is not a practical solution. I use symlinks a lot because they are more suitable for the purpose.
The problem is that sometimes I need to open a backup to check or to try again. And the directory have a lot of images to choose (and categories) so it is not good to bind mount each.
I have too a directory with Assets that I need to open constantly to check what is more suitable for some project. So anyway it is not practical do a bind for each of that directories for only one or two applications.
And I work with a friend on another computer that sometimes need to transfer files to, then I have a complete mount point shared across the network too.

I really don’t understand for what is suitable Snap if it does not give access to the full directory structure. Because I have a way to work and I don’t want to change it completely only to suit a requirement of one or two apps.
I always work as I mentioned above and all apps on my system can access that files without trouble because I set the permissions with the system itself. I don’t need extra protection with more permissions limit.

Sorry guys but I really don’t understand the purpose of Snap. It is heavy (occupy lot of disk space): it already do a lot of bind mounts (I don’t know if that consume system resources, but it is clear that it uses disk space); and if that wasn’t enought it add more permission limits too. So, really, I don’t understand for what is Snap useful. I have near no one app for Snap because all of that.
Sorry guys but really, I tried a lot to make Snap useful for me but I always end uninstalling the app and installing it manually on the system.

The only good part of Snap is that I quickly can found updated apps to test.