Failed to start Wait for Network to be Configured

Network configuration failed and wait 2min to time out while booting.
I want to modify timeout limit in /etc/systemd/system/ but it’s readonly…
How can i change this time limit via command in ubuntu core?

sounds the same as:

Yes,it’s the same problem.
So it still have no config option to enable/disable it?

the fix only landed in 2.38 (18 days ago), i’m not sure there have been stable core snap releases for UbuntuCore 16 since…
(in UbuntuCore 18 snapd is singled out into its own snap package and will update independent from the core snap)

Hi Ogra,

Could you explain why systemd-networkd-wait-online.service is still there?
I’ve got this core snap: latest/stable: 16-2.44.3 2020-04-25 (9069)

But the service is still there. I’ve seen the resolution merged on GitHub, but it is still present on the systemd active services list.

while the file got removed from the (readonly) core snap, it might still persist in the writable partition if you had it before 2.38 …

probably worth filing a bug against snapd so they can try to remove it …