Failed to create snap, snap command failed

I am trying to build a snap and i have used flutter for building the app. while creating the snap package i am getting an error.

Staging flutter-extension 
+ snapcraftctl stage
Staging gnome-3-28-extension 
+ snapcraftctl stage
Staging system-information 
+ snapcraftctl stage
Priming flutter-extension 
+ snapcraftctl prime
Priming gnome-3-28-extension 
+ snapcraftctl prime
Priming system-information 
+ snapcraftctl prime
The command 'system_information' for 'system_information' was resolved to 'bin/system_information'.
The command 'system_information' has been changed to 'bin/system_information'.
Snapping |                                                                                                   
Failed to create snap, snap command failed:

error: cannot pack "/root/prime": mksquashfs call failed: Could not create destination file: Operation not permitted

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snapcraft-system-information # 

I have tried snapcraft clean already but it didn’t cleared the issue.