Experimenting with a qt classic application


I made a snap for cool-retro-term. It works in devmode, but because it’s a terminal app it needs to be classic. When I make it classic, it fails with all this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24869263/

(@didrocks) Help!

Here is my yaml:

desktop-launch is only designed for confined snaps.

I don’t think you should use (and need) desktop-launch when you are running a classic snap, as you have access to the whole system, and so system gsettings and such.

We can envision a flavor just setttings env variables, but not doing any compilation or other magics because you try to embed some libraries yourself, but that grows quite expanantionally in complexity and might create unseen regressions.

So, I think for classic, just rely on system libs, and add a small wrapper for the ones you added yourself (so that you are in control).