Error tracker shows configure failures

The error tracker at shows an increased number of problem reports of the following kind:

 hook:core:configure:exit status 1
 cannot create lock directory /run/snapd/lock: Permission denied
SnapdVersion:  2.29.3 
IgnoreError: yes

What we know is that most affected systems are 17.10, but a small number of 16.04 and 18.04 is in the mix as well. Because “IgnoreErrors” is set this should not cause issues on the users system but it indicates something is wrong in our hook setup/execution.

We tried to reproduce the problem without success so far. If you have a system that shows something in journalctl -u snapd|grep OOPSID please get in touch so that we can get a better understanding what is causing this issue.

Isn’t this that old issue coming back, perhaps due to old revisions of snapd: