Error installing riot-Web on opensuse

I tried to install riot-web with snap using the instructions of

But when doing “snap install riot-web” I get an error:

error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Mount snap “snapd” (6434) (exec: “unsquashfs”: executable file not found in $PATH)

The odd thing is, that /snap/bin should added to PATH, but the file is empty.

My snap-Version is
snap 2.43.3-lp151.1.1
snapd 2.43.3-lp151.1.1
series 16
opensuse-leap 15.1
kernel 4.12.14-lp151.28.40-default

Can anybody help me?

Sorry to hear you had a problem installing this snap.

Does your system indeed have the unsquashfs binary installed?

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No, it hadn’t. I didn’t know that I should have to.
Now i installed squashfs-package using zypper and everything is fine.

Thanks for helping me, popey. Very nice.

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Sweet! Good to hear. I guess the snapd package on opensuse should have a dependency on unsquashfs?

Zypper at least installed the package without grumbling.

Perhaps @zyga-snapd could take a look at adding this dependency?

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I’ll fix this tomorrrow