Error: cannot download snap

I built a small test snap which I pushed with:

snapcraft push --release=stable dc-fgervais-hello_2.11_armhf.snap

Now I’m trying to download it but it fails:

snap download dc-fgervais-hello
Fetching snap "dc-fgervais-hello"
error: cannot download snap "dc-fgervais-hello": no snap revision available as specified

Any idea what I could be missing?

Are you running snap download on an armhf device? It won’t work if you’re on a different architecture, as you’ve only pushed armhf revisions.

Also, you probably want to use snap install instead. snap download just downloads the files without installing them.

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Ah good catch I’m doing the snap download on an x86.

Thank you

@wgrant is there a way around that though?

There might be a way to specify the architecture to download?

Yes. Not particularly pretty though (we’ll get there):

UBUNTU_STORE_ARCH=armhf snap download dc-fgervais-hello
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