Email the maintainer if a build fails

Hi! The only times I look at is when I cut a new release. At that time, I simply promote the latest build from the “edge” channel to all other channels.

However, the last time I did that I found that my “edge” builds are broken — in fact, have been broken for over two weeks. This is my fault: I started using new language features, but didn’t update the compiler in Snap. Still, I’d like to request that start sending me emails if a build fails, so I can catch those issues earlier. (This time around, I was lucky that it was a patch release, and so I released snaps that were built via remote-build rather than from the “edge” channel.)

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Bump. It’d be nice to have some feedback on whether this feature would be available someday. Perhaps I should post this to a different forum? If so, which one?

i moved this to the store category … the snapcraft category is more about the tool itself but not about the service using it …

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