Edit my own posts

I seem to have lost the ability to edit my own posts.

In other discourse sites I see a pen button on the bottom of the post, and I’m almost sure I used to use it in this site, so I think the issue is not that I’m blind. Has something changed recently?

Click the three dots under your post to expose other actions, including edit.

Not on this one.

@elopio Very strange, I have edit capability.

@niemeyer Is edit capability restricted in some way here?

Nothing changed in the configuration (ever)… I think posts are editable up to a period of time, not forever.

Yeah this is odd, I’ve run into it as well. Not sure why it works this way.

I think the idea is attempting to preserve the nature of conversations. People will respond to messages and will reference them across different topics, so eventually freezing content static means preserving history and context.

That said, posts can be made into wikis to preserve the ability to edit forever, if the content at hand is indeed more of a scratchpad than a conversation, and otherwise it’s trivial to create a new topic or even a new post in the same topic if the intention is to provide an update on a particular topic.

Can I get the permission to turn a post into a wiki?

Edit: scratch that, I can make wikis, just not for that old post.

@elopio If you still want it, any moderator can do it for an old post. For a recent enough post you should be able to do it.

I’m ok. Next time I’ll start by making it a wiki.

is the issue resolved? I am having the same issue