Drop i386 binaries for fwupd

I get emails all the time that there are old versions of libraries in the i386 snaps for fwupd. We don’t do i386 snap releases, so those old binaries should be deleted.

I can’t seem to find a way to do it in the dashboard, can someone please do it?


Binaries cannot be deleted.

What I would recommend is closing the channels on which i386 revisions were published snapcraft close fwupd stable for example, and then re-releasing the relevant revisions for the architectures you do care about with snapcraft release fwupd REVISION stable and so on. I think that should stop the alerts.

  • Daniel

Those binaries are in multiple channels. So I guess that means we need to close all the channels and then re-release binaries for amd64?

Indeed - that is unfortunately awkward at the moment :frowning: but currently it’s the only way to selectively unpublish for a single architecture.

  • Daniel

As we were just releasing the 1.9.3 snap, I took the opportunity to do your steps and it worked. I closed the stable, candidate and edge channels and then released the revisions expect back to those channels.