Download private snaps

I noticed that after snap login I could run snap install for a private snap but snap download wouldn’t be able to download and give me the file. I suppose this unexpected behavior is a bug, but the similar pull requests are closed in the past without being considered seriously for a merge (so I assume this is another “It is what it is” from Snap team). I would like to know if there are workarounds at least. I imagine I could directly request it from the Store, but I don’t know the details of the HTTP request that I should send, specifically on the login information. Using snap install and stealing from /var/lib/snapd/snaps is not an option since the files are only readable by root, but the target user is not allowed to elevate the privileges.

We tried to fix this but the fix encountered backward compatibility issues and was paused. Hopefully it can be revisited at some point.

Workarounds are described here: Improvements in snap download

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