Does core22 and gnome extension require lxd?

My snap used to build fine with multipass but now that I changed to core22 and “gnome” extension I get the following message, how come?

LXD is required, but not installed. Do you wish to install LXD and configure it with the defaults? [y/N]:

Snapcraft now uses LXD by default for core22 builds when building on a Linux host (on macOS and Windows it will still use Multipass) - if you were using core20 or core18 then it would continue using Multipass. You can force it to use Multipass by setting the environment variable SNAPCRAFT_BUILD_ENVIRONMENT to multipass. e.g.:


or in the call to Snapcraft directly:

env SNAPCRAFT_BUILD_ENVIRONMENT=multipass snapcraft

Thanks, that did the trick!

We’ll add a snap configuration to set the default provider like Charmcraft does, it’s already in our todo list.

$ snap get charmcraft
Key       Value
provider  multipass
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