Docker snap tracks request

June 16

Hello guys
As mentioned the Docker snap release planning in this thread

We also plan to request a new track 17.03 for the sake of other people who
want to stay with it if they don’t want to switch to 17.06-ce for some
reasons when “latest” track is automatically upgraded to 17.06 one month

It would be really useful for some users who want to upgrade the snap at
their own pace.
Could you grant a new track “17.03” for Docker snap?

Track 17.03 created, let us know if you need anything else!

Thanks for your quick response on 17.03 track creation.
We’ll use it for the upcoming patch version of 17.03 docker snap release.

Hi guys
We’re planning to roll out a new version(17.09-ce) of docker snap soon. It will be the 3rd stable quarterly release.
Can someone kindly help create 17.09 track for docker snap?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Gary,

I have created this track for Docker, based on Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence since as a reviewer I’ve verified that the snap has existing tracks and the new request conforms to the previous ones, so I’m able to waive the waiting period and the extra votes needed (clearly you have my reviewer +1 vote).

However, could I ask you to please, in the future, open a new topic as per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks whenever you need a track?

If they conform to existing tracks (e.g. like for Docker), I can process them more quickly as described in the simplified process.


  • Daniel

Thanks, roadmr.
Next time I request a new track I’ll create a new topic for it.