Docker snap does not clear disk space


I am using the latest docker snap on a VPS and when I delete containers OR images, the space that they were consuming is not freed, that resulted in my VPS to go out of space.

Solution: remove and reinstall docker snap.

ps: I sent a similar email to but thought it might get more attention here.

apparently that email address is out of service but is listed as contact for docker (snap info docker).

Hello! Can I get a contact with the person who maintains docker snap ?

Hey @om26er,

Sorry for the lack of feedback on this issue. It’s quite strange that Docker wouldn’t free the disk space in this case. I can’t see why that would be a different code path.

The docker snap is maintained by Docker Inc. itself, so I’d start by reporting a bug there. Please link the bug here so we can keep an eye on the conversation and the fix.

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It seems Docker is not maintained as a snap anymore

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