Docker access for ebuildtester snap


I would like to request docker access for the ebuildtester snap.

The snap creates a docker container which runs Gentoo Linux so that the user can test new packages inside that container. The whole process is somewhat automated for convenience.

The snap simply creates a container using the default docker network. It does not configure or change anything else with regard to the docker daemon.



Since this snap clearly requires the use of docker, +1 from me for this access. Note, the docker interface is traditionally not auto-connected due to the high level of privilege this grants and so users would still need to manually connect this interface after installing the snap.

Or if the snap is non-functional without the use of docker being connected, then we could look at granting auto-connect for this interface after performing publisher vetting.

Thanks for your review @alexmurray !

At this point the ebuildtester code relies on docker and will not work without it. I was thinking of adding other virtualization backends such as libvrit or lxc at some point, but currently docker is the only backend.

From this point of view it would help users if the snap autoconnected.


Hi @alexmurray! Is there anything I can provide to move this forward?


This is waiting on other @reviewers to vote too :slight_smile: Can they please do so?

Also regarding the auto-connection - +1 from me too since this is currently required functionality for the snap. Note for this to be actually granted publisher vetting will have to be completed.

+1 from me too for docker access, and auto connection of this (once publisher vetting is done), given that this is a core requirement for this snap’s main functionality.

I would say +1, but the snap description page needs to clearly state the docker auto-connection.

@nicolasbock what is the official page for your project please?


The documentation is here: And the project itself is here:



Additionally, +1 as I verified the publisher.

Thanks @Igore, +3 votes for, 0 votes against, granted use-of and auto-connection for docker for ebuildtester. This is now live.