[doc] Migrate snap-related KDE wiki articles to here?

Topic intentionally not filed under the doc category as it will then not surface the main page.

I unintentionally found that some of the KDE guys have made a few very comprehensive wiki articles at https://community.kde.org/Guidelines_and_HOWTOs/Snap, I would like to ask if they can migrate them here for the following reasons:

  • People packaging Qt5/KDE5 applications will definitely benefit from this information, such as the existence of the kde-frameworks-5-core18 content sharing a.k.a. runtime snap and the kde-frameworks-5-core18-sdk build snap
  • We don’t need to check out two places, just one
  • Specific term references can be linked to the snapcraft docs site

What do you think?

/cc @jriddell


bumping topic…

bumping topic……

I also think that this is great information and that it should be, at least, linked somewhere in the snapcraft docs site documentation.