Distribution of Applications Extensions


I wonder how one can distribute extensions via snap?

To make it concrete, I can easily see how I could distribute Bitwig Studio (https://bitwig.com) via snap, but then I have no idea how I could distribute a VST3 plugin via snap (https://u-he.com/products/diva/) and how Bitwig Studio would be able to scan and load diva.

Bonus: would any applications on the system be able to locate and use the plugin, or only the ones installed using snap?

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I think you want the content interface: The content interface

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Thank you, I am looking at it now.

Do you know if application installed on the system (without using snap) can access extensions installed via snap?

Snaps are mounted at /snap/{snap-name}/current and can be accessed from any application outside the confinement.

It depends on the payload of the extension if that’s a sensible approach though.
If the extension is a shared object that links to specific libraries, you’ll have trouble unless you recreate much of the “snap magic”.

The plugin library is supposed to be self contained.

Current search path would be /usr/lib/vst3/, /usr/local/lib/vst3, ~/.vst3/.

By reading your message I don’t see a way to connect system applications to vst3 plugins installed via snap; yet it should work for applications within the snap ecosystem.