Disk Readonly or Full, Snap Cant Save Downloads and Files

I didnt really understood strace and analyzing, running it from terminal earlier used to produce error of missing hicolor theme but after staging it, it stopped no other irregular errors are usually produced when running from terminal…

well, read up on it then, it is definitely a debugging tool you want to be familiar with (and learning to filter the massive output it gives to find the right bits)…

snap run --strace="<your strace options go here>" snap.app

ok, thanks for the info

Mine ended up being a build time issue ( incorrect ENV variables ). Extracting to $HOME now works. Hope you sort out your issue!

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I really didnt find anything valuable with strace, the only tidbits seeming useful was resource temporarily unavailable, as for the layouts i forgot to mention that i also used layouts (a different one) so that the application uses the staged ffmpeg and yt-dlp as the app cant use its inbuilt mechanism to download yt-dlp, i am really confused why a simply dumping a deb without any modifications wont work normally i studied a few popular examples of deb to snaps and they have nothing special to make the app usable. Attaching few screenshots of strace that may be useful ??

Screenshots of excessive logs like an strace log are generally unhelpful since the info is usually scattered across multiple pages… you only show tiny snapshots of unrelated info…

The app seems to be a dotnet app… perhaps that is related ( you might be missing dependencies or whatnot)

@cmatsuoka can you please take out time to check this, this issue is really weird and beyond my understanding, here is the latest yaml :

It’s hard to tell what can be wrong with a complex binary application you unpacked from a deb, even looking at the strace output. I think you’ll have to examine the source code to see what the application is trying to do (is it requesting the free disk space? Is it obtaining a reasonable value? Is it trying to write a lock file in a place it can’t access and failing with a misleading error message?) and hopefully if you instrument the code and rebuild the snap you can see exactly what’s happening there. This looks like something application-dependent rather than a simple snap project tweak.

Thanks for the tip,well the problem is that if i use the snap executables directly from /snap/xdm-snap/opt/xdman/xdm-app in a unsecure and unconfined way, it actually downloads and works well, the problem i think is with snap confinement, because running the snap in the above mentioned way or even in unconfined way it works meaning there is nothing wrong with the snap ??

Another thing i discovered when running unconfined is that, the snap uses following directory to save temp data --> /home/sam/.xdm-app-data/Data/temp, but this doesnt happen when it is confined, also in confinement the snap refuses to open links in firefox and wont load ots locales but when unconfined it works fine and loads its locales…

Issue Solved, The Problem here is that as the snap update through revisions the app wont change its temp dir and download location i mean even if using revision 3 of snap it will still use the config dirs of revision 1, also due to snap confinement limitations it can only save files under snap directory in home.