Disable refresh app awareness from rest api


I want to disable this feature after I update my snapd. Can I do it through rest API or do I have to do it through an install hook?

Hello, @rahul-tt

You can disable a feature in snapd after updating either through the REST API or an install hook.

  1. REST API:

    • Use the Snapd REST API to configure the setting.
    • Example command: curl --unix-socket /run/snapd.socket name> -X PATCH -d β€˜{β€œconfig”: {β€œβ€: β€œβ€}}’
  2. Install Hook:

    • Create an install hook script to disable the feature.
    • Add the script to your snap’s hooks directory.
    • Example install hook script: #!/bin/ Official Site snapctl set =

Choose the method that best fits your workflow.

I hope this will be helpful for you Best regards chris wright

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