Difficulties installing NORDPASS in snap on MX21

So, I am a user of MX 21. I use the KDE Plasma version, which created problems installing NORDPASS (not Nord VPN… that is not a snap app).

I followed the instructions for a debian install, found here https://snapcraft.io/install/nordpass/debian, to wit:

downloading the snap app for nordppass, followed by

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install core

followed by sudo snap install nordpass

For good measure I actually rebooted after each of these steps… probably overkill…

The app shows installed, but clicking on the icon yeilded nothing. So, upon issuing the cli command “nordpass” I got the error msg “/user.slice/user-1000.slice/session-3.scope is not a snap cgroup”

A search found this topic located here, which is “sorta” related https: Cannot launch snap applications with cgroup v2

I followed the recommended step, which was sudo apt-get install dbus-user-session && systemctl --user start dbus

-then rebooted (again)

upon cli command “nordpass” it generated a keyring error. I thought this bizarre, as I have always associated keyring errors with gnome, particularly Ubuntu gnome, and I am running KDE, but a search generated this command to fix sudo apt-get install dbus-user-session && systemctl --user start dbus

-reboot (sigh)

then again cli nordpass

another keyring note popped up, but this gives command necessary to fix. Ran it, and rebooted.

Upon boot, (or upon issuing cli nordpass, cannot remember which), you get the gnome keyring nag screen. My STRONG advice here is to simply enter in those fields to leave blank, as you are using a p/w keeper anyway and don’t really want two different ones on your system, plus this will eliminate the nag screen.

At this point, I do have a functioning snap install of NORDPASS.

I hope this is of some help,and hope the dev team can figure out what led to this problem in the first place.


sincerely tanstaafl72555