Different slot-plug names are auto connected under same snap on install

I have snap with slot and plug defined as below.

name: et-gw
content: socket-directory
interface: content
- $SNAP_DATA/sockets

#connect to slot provided by wifi-ap and use api to communicate
content: socket-directory
interface: content
target: $SNAP_DATA/sockets

I’m noticing et-gw snap create sockets under ‘/var/snap/wifi-ap/current/sockets/’ directory which should be rather created in ‘/var/snap/et-gw/current/sockets’ directory.

This happens at the time of install and at system reboot.

Is this a known BUG? Or Am I doing something wrong.

I’m also seeing et-gw:control is auto connected to et-gw:entouch-srvr. How can I disable auto connection for this in snapcraft.yaml?