--devmode should not imply --dangerous

I’ve recently observed that –devmode is implying –dangerous, but that doesn’t sound quite right?

The former is a request to allow the snap to go beyond the confinement specified and into development mode, while the latter is a request to ignore any signatures backing the snap. Those are orthogonal and each make sense in isolation or together.

Am I missing something? @pedronis @chipaca do you have any memories about this, or was this just an overlook?

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that was https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1833 i think

Aha, thanks! That brings me memories of the context. The problem is the lack of proper handling of the local development case. The goal was to improve those cases probably by checking that the snap is signed with a local key, so that developing a local snap remains a good experience while indeed splitting out the two flags completely.

Adding to the backlog.