Development of extension support for core20

I have a Qt application that is currently using core18 and the kde-neon extension, but I would love to upgrade it to core20 and get all the package updates! I understand that core20 is still a bit on new side, so I’m not surprised that most extensions don’t support it yet, but is there a place where I can track that development? That way I know exactly when I can switch my application over.


The core18 version of the kden-neon extension depends on the kde-frameworks-5-core18 snap to provide libraries and data files. A core20 version of the extension would need an equivalent snap targeting the new base.

At present, the KDE frameworks snap is managed by the KDE project itself. So it is probably going to depend on their schedule. The actual Snapcraft-side changes are likely to be fairly minimal.

Thanks James! I couldn’t find a ticket on the KDE bug tracker for this, so I clumsily and haphazardly made one. Hopefully a KDE maintainer will be able to shed some light on their plans for this extension.


Just a small suggestion: you might get a better response if you recategorise your bug to product=neon component=Snaps. There may be different people working on the Flatpak runtime where you filed your bug.

Thanks, that seems much more likely to be the right place.