Delete ownership of snaps

I need to delete a snap project from one mail, to create it on another.
It’s needed for us to register our project under our name on our mail, the project name is now registered to the developer’s mail.
Initially, the project and the name of the project were registered on the developer’s mail, but we are not satisfied with this. We need the name of the project and the project itself to be registered on our project email. I saw a publication that it is possible to transfer the project, but the transfer option does not suit us.
How is possible to do this? What do I need to do?

The other option we have is revoking the snap name from the current account, then re-registering with the desired account. This will create a snap with the same name but a different snap_id, so it’s effectively an entirely different snap.

People who installed the old snap will NOT be automatically migrated to the new snap.

Let me know if this option works for you. If so, what you can do is file a name dispute: with the new account, try to register the snap’s name, this will tell you it’s already registered and ask whether you want to file a claim/dispute for it. Do so, please put a link to this thread in the comment box. When I see that I’ll revoke the old name and grant it to the new account.

I will need to verify that the current snap owner and the new recipient/project are related, so if you can provide some proof of the relationship or authorization that would be useful - for example, if the current and new owner are under the same domain, and the domain is related to the snap in question, that usually works.

  • Daniel

A transfer is the simplest option, and also means that systems with the snap already installed aren’t left stuck on the old version. Can you explain why it doesn’t suit you?